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About Click Lively! Dog Training
​My name is Brenda Lively.  I am the owner and head trainer for Click Lively! Dog Training in Port Orchard, WA.  About twenty years ago I was introduced to the wonderful fun of positive dog training.  At the time I owned a goofy, hyper Labrador Retriever.  Trying to train him with choke chains and traditional methods only frustrated me and made my arms sore!  I signed up for a 6 week training class that used positive methods, rewards, and lots of praise.  In the first week I began to see changes in behavior that I had been trying to get for months.  I was hooked!  Training was fun for both me and my dog.  I began working with trainers and reading as much as I could about positive methods, using them on my own dogs as well as friends' and neighbors' dogs.  In 2010, I took the first part of Terry Ryan's "Coaching People to Train Their Dogs" and completed part two in 2011.  In January of 2011, I quit my regular job and began Click Lively! Dog Training to persue my passion for teaching people to train their dogs using positive methods and work with dogs full time as a trainer and dog walker.  I am located in south Kitsap county in western Washington and work primarily in the Port Orchard and Gig Harbor areas (other locations on the Kitsap peninsula will be considered depending on the training needed).  
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Photo courtesy of Fur Focused Photography
Photo courtesy of Fur Focused Photography
Photo courtesy of Fur Focused Photography